Sri Vara Siddhi Ganapathi Devasthan

Location: 5725 State Bridge Rd, Suite 101, Johns Creek, GA 30022

Founder & Head Priest: Mallikarjuna S Sarma: 470-297-8118 (Temple), 404-483-9512 (Cell)

A non-profit 501 (C) 3 Tax ID: 45-3911643 (Religious and Other).
Morning: 10AM to 1PM
Evening: 6PM to 9PM
Weekends: 9AM to 9PM
Ganesh Temple of Atlanta is now open, Please do wear face mask and follow 6 ft social distancing for safety.
పంచాంగం - బుధవారం, ఏప్రిల్ 17, 2024

శ్రీ క్రోధి నామ సంవత్సరము
సూర్యోదయము: 07:03 AM సూర్యాస్తమానము: 08:10 PM
మాసం : చైత్రము


శుక్లపక్షం దశమి [ Tithi Vridhi ] : Apr 17 05:44 AM - Apr 18 08:01 AM


ఆశ్లేష : Apr 16 07:46 PM - Apr 17 10:26 PM
మఖ : Apr 17 10:26 PM - Apr 19 01:26 AM

కూడని వేళలు

రాహు : 1:36 PM - 3:13 PM
యమగండం : 8:44 AM - 10:21 AM
యమగండం : 8:44 AM - 10:21 AM
గుళికా : 11:58 AM - 1:36 PM
దుర్ముహూర్తం : 01:10 PM - 02:02 PM
వర్జ్యం : 09:59 AM - 11:46 AM

మంచి సమయం

అభిజిత్ ముహుర్తాలు : Nil
అమృతకాలము : 08:39 PM - 10:25 PM
బ్రహ్మ ముహూర్తం : 05:29 AM - 06:17 AM

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Welcome to Ganesh Temple

As the Indian Community in GA is growing, its spiritual, religious and social needs are also increasing. There is a need to congregate, conduct prayers and worship, and other religious ceremonies, and learn about ancient vedic knowledge. The community has a desire to have a place to share/contribute for the benefit of our community.

Ganesh Temple of Atlanta is happy to announce that we are conveniently located in Johns Creek, Georgia, where Indian community is growing at rapid pace, and we are happy to serve as a non-profit, community centric organization in the area.

Pooja Timings

Mon Evenings: Shiva Abhishekam

Tue Evenings: Hanuman Abhishekam + 5 times Hanuman Chalisa Parayanam

Wed Evenings: Gakara Sahasranaama Archana

Thu Evenings: Shiridi Sai Abhishekam

Fri Evenings: Lalitha Sahasranaama Parayanam

Sat Mornings: Ganapathi Abhishekam & Sri Balaji Abhishekam

Sat Evenings: Navagraha Abhishekam

Morning Poojas start at 10:30AM
Evening Poojas start at 7PM

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